"Own no land", close-up, Duy Nguyen

Kunstnersamtale: The Sea That Swallows

Torsdag 27. juni på Fotografiens Hus

I utstillingen The Sea That Swallows utforsker Duy Nguyen ringvirkningene av migrasjon for båtflyktningene fra Vietnam. Nguyen og Fotografiens Hus inviterer de norsk-vietnamesiske kunstnerne Kim Jakobsen To og Lieu Le til kunstnersamtale, som i likhet med Nguyen er vokst opp i Norge. I samtalen vil de tre snakke om oppveksten som vietnamesisk diaspora i Norge, veien til å utvikle et kunstnerskap som minoritet, og hvilke utfordringer de har møtt på. Samtalen blir ledet av kunstformidler Siddharta Kapoor.

Tid: Torsdag 27. juni kl. 18.00

Sted: Fotografiens Hus, Rådhusgata 20, Oslo

Samtalen foregår på engelsk. Gratis inngang.


Artist talk: The Sea That Swallows

In the exhibition The Sea That Swallows, Duy Nguyen explores the ripple effects that the migration process had on Vietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam by boat. On Thursday 27th of June, there will be an artist talk between Nguyen, and artists Kim Jakobsen To and Lieu Le. All three are of Vietnamese heritage, and grew up in Norway. The talk will center around how it was to grow up in Norway as a Vietnamese diaspora, the road to developing an artistic practice as a minority, and the challenges they encountered. The talk will be led by art mediator Siddharta Kapoor.

Date and time: Thursday June 27 2024. 18:00
Where: Fotografiens Hus, Rådhusgata 20, Oslo

The artist talk will be in English. Free entry.

Artist bios:

Foto: Galya Feierman


Duy Nguyen (b. 1989 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) grew up in the Bidong refugee camp and migrated to Norway as a child. His youth was spent on the west coast of Norway. Nguyen has a background as a designer and has developed an image-based art practice over the last few years. His research includes themes of migration, diaspora stories, and multicultural identity – often in connection with mental health. In a short time, he has made an impression nationally and internationally; with participation at high-profile group shows such as Høstutstillingen (National Art Exhibition), Østlandsutstillingen, Liquida PhotoFestival, Fresh Eyes, and more. He was recently chosen to participate in the prestigious Vårutstillingen 2024 (The Spring Exhibition) at Fotogalleriet. Nguyen has completed a few artist residencies and is now participating in the Office of Contemporary Art Norway’s 1-year residency program at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, where he will have an exhibition later this year. His work is in the collection of Karmøy Kunstforening, PRS Collection Turin, and Goethe-Institut. In 2024 he was awarded a 2-year working grant from Government Grants for Artists to further develop his art practice.

Foto: Brett Lloyd

Kim Jakobsen To is a Norwegian-Vietnamese artist based in London from 2005 to 2023, currently residing in Oslo. His work is mainly revolving around group identity and subculture. Interested in the performance of the self, he is looking at communities such as cosplayers, historical re-enactors and spiritual groups where the notion of identity is split between everyday utilitarian lives and utopian dreams. Working chiefly with photography & in recent times sculpture.

Foto: Hieu Le

Lieu Thi Le (b. 1991) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Oslo, whose work spans the fields of clothing, materiality, and performance. Le’s creations delve into her Vietnamese heritage, while blending influences from both Nordic and Asian cultures, with nature serving as a profound source of inspiration. In her artistic practice, Le focuses on the sensuality of textiles in relation to the body and movement, exploring how material can offer healing for the mind and body, and radiate mindfulness to those who engage with her work. The color yellow frequently features prominently in her pieces, serving as a vital component of her artistic expression.

Her work emphasizes the use of traditional handcraft, highlighting the importance of preserving knowledge and bridging the past with the present and the present with the future. Whether performing herself or collaborating with dancers, she utilizes their movements to explore how these crafted textiles can transform into living sculptures, responding to the nuances of human movement. Through her performances, Le narrates her personal journey of identity, belonging, and spirituality, inviting audiences into her world. Her work has been shown at Akademirommet (Kunstnerens Hus), Sorgenfri Artwear, Collective Oslo, and various galleries at Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo.

Foto: privat

Siddharta Kapoor is educated both as an Art Historian and Musicologist. With a background from Nicaragua and India, he has a multicultural and intersectional perspective that challenges established frameworks within art institutions. Aside from his musical project under the stage name Sid Hart, he is also currently working as an Art Mediator at MUNCH in Oslo.